Folktale Week!

Very much yes to this 🖤

from @jenniferpotter: It's time to grab some cocoa, settle into a cozy chair, and curl up with your favorite fables, because for one week starting November 12th, I'm teaming up with a bunch of talented illustrators from all around the world for #folktaleweek! We've got the prompts all ready to go, and we'd love it if you joined us! .
How it works:
On October 29th, we’ll release the prompts. Then, for seven days starting November 12th, follow the prompts and create a piece of art. Interpret the prompts any way you wish and with any medium you like.
Use the hashtag #folktaleweek and #folktaleweek2018 to show your work and interact with other artists. The challenge hosts will be pulling work from the hashtag to promote in our stories! At the end, we’ll share our favorites in our feed!
This challenge was created to encourage artists from all around the world to share stories and explore character creation and visual storytelling. We want to see your bewitching characters and dreamy scenes!




The first #4OutTheDoor deadline is tomorrow. This postcard of The Astronauts will be going out to my mailing list. 

STORYSTORM has paid off with a little stack of nearly 40 story ideas, six of which appear worth plucking out and polishing up.

I am grateful for these projects. There is nothing better for quieting the critic, for moving through the self-doubt, than learning and doing actual things.



I am new writing as a daily practice. In high school I loved writing and even tried to get one sci-fi short story published, I have written some fantastic snail mail in my day, and I have had a long stint of writing visual arts press releases for local newspapers, as well as, helping others write, revise, and edit their own artists statements.

But, writing fiction, writing daily, and with the intention of sticking through it until drafts are polished and then polished again, at that, I am new. So I seek accountability to keep me on the rails and moving forward.

STORYSTORM, which began at the start of January, has been an excellent experience. The goal is to brain storm at least one story idea per day. I've had some thin days and some with 5 or more ideas. Interestingly my ideas have gone all over the place in terms of genre and target audience, and there has even been a few non-fiction ideas coming up.